**** Due to staffing issues and effective immediately, we are limiting daycare participants and requiring reservations on daycare.  We hope this is only a temporary situation. Thank you for your understanding****


  Whether you work from home or outside your home, doggie daycare at South Paws Dog Resort is a great choice for your dog for many reasons. Doggie daycare is inexpensive, and we offer a free day of daycare (except on Fridays) so you can try out our services. And it goes without saying that doggie daycare is a great source of exercise!

A tired dog is a good dog; and many dog owners feel that play time is one of the best benefits of doggie daycare. After playing with other dogs for several hours at South Paws Dog Resort, their pets are ready to lie down or cuddle after a long day. Additionally, running and playing helps maintain firm muscles, cardiovascular fitness, and a healthy weight. Dogs that get more playtime and exercise are often healthier and live longer;  so, you get to keep your best friend around longer. It also releases pent-up energy that may show itself as destructive behavior in your home. Play keeps a dog's mind active and mentally fit. Boredom leads to destructive behaviors such as chewing, licking, digging, or barking and can adversely affect a dog's obedience. Doggie daycare can eliminate the problem of an isolated, bored and under-exercised dog. Sending your dog to daycare will allow him to get much-needed exercise, and take a burden off your shoulders. You will pick up a calmer and more satisfied dog than you dropped off. Dogs get a great deal of physical exercise at South Paws Dog Resort, and even more important, their behavior often improves with the positive dog-dog socialization which occurs at daycare.

One of the most important benefits of doggie daycare is socialization. Because dogs, by nature, are pack animals, they require canine socialization and desire interaction with their own species. Although we are great at giving our dogs lots of attention and love, no matter how hard we try, we can not replace our dogs' need for canine companionship. Letting dogs have free-time to interact with other dogs and humans is one of the most important things responsible dog owners can do to help their dog develop into and remain a calm, confident dog unlikely to bark, bite or become fearful or aggressive. Regular play with other dogs builds your dog's confidence and improves his/her ability to communicate and interact. Additionally, most dogs would prefer to be around other dogs instead of being home alone all day. South Paws Dog Resort offers a supervised alternative to leaving your dog crated all day while providing an environment for dogs to learn how to properly interact with other dogs. The loving and knowledgeable workers at South Paws Dog Resort provide the opportunity for your dog to interact with people and doggie peers. Your dog will learn important lessons in sharing, playing nicely, and other necessary doggie manners. One of the biggest values in a daycare situation is the teaching of "doggie language" between dogs. There are valuable lessons that dogs teach each other, which otherwise cannot be learned from humans. At South Paws Dog Resort they have the opportunity to make friends, play and socialize with other dogs. The more dogs your dog interacts with the better his/her social skills become. The younger dogs play tirelessly for hours and hours while the older dogs have fun just hanging out and watching everyone play. Even the shyest of dogs can learn social skills and make new friends at doggie daycare! Allowing dogs the opportunity to socialize with other dogs in a safe and structured environment is probably one of the most important gifts dog owners can give themselves and their dog.

If you are gone to work during the day, it is a great idea to send your dog to daycare for safety reasons. No one wants a disaster to happen to their home, but these things unfortunately can happen. Your dog could choke on food, escape the yard or get into other trouble without your supervision. Sending your dog to doggie daycare will keep him/her safe and secure while you are at work, or even out running errands, and make sure that nothing happens to him/her when you can't be by his/her side. All dogs’ exercise and socialization are closely supervised at South Paws Dog Resort. One of the greatest benefits to a parent is peace of mind that your dog is in a safe place and having fun, fun and more fun! No more guilt for having to leave your dog cooped up all day in the house alone. You can rest assured they are in a safe, loving and clean environment at South Paws Dog Resort!

Doggie daycare can help with training issues, too! If you have a very young dog or an older dog that can't wait until you get home to go to the bathroom, consider taking them to daycare. The human supervisors at South Paws Dog Resort will be sure to make sure the dogs have plenty of chances to relive themselves throughout the day. Your dog will receive basic training just by being at the daycare, such as learning to sit calmly before walking through an entrance or to drop a toy after fetching it. When dogs are left uncrated at home while you are out, we all know that they can get into mischief. Boredom will cause dogs to create things to keep themselves occupied. This can include chewing shoes, tearing up important documents, shredding your bedding, unrolling all of the toilet paper rolls in the house, and using the restroom inside instead of outside. If you leave your dog out in the yard, he/she can escape and go exploring. Doggie daycare will keep your pooch entertained with games, toys and activities, and keep your house from being hit by a doggie tornado while you are gone. South Paws Dog Resort also offers sleepover boarding, giving your dog a familiar place to stay when you travel. They receive personalized attention from experienced dog care professionals all day long, 11 hours a day (now, that's a lot of playtime!!)

All in all, doggie daycare is a fantastic thing for you and your dog. Your relationship with your dog will be enhanced due to his/her physical and mental needs being met at the daycare. After a long day at work, you might not have the time or energy to exercise and play with your dog. South Paws Dog Resort gives you a break for the evening. You will be able to spend a nice, quiet evening with your dog. Since we are open until 6:00pm, you will have time to run errands or socialize after work instead of running home to “let the dog out.” If you have family or friends coming to visit who don't like canines or are allergic to them, we're the perfect solution! Whether you're vacationing in Statesboro or vacationing from Statesboro and want a neat place for your pup to have a great time of his/her own, you'll find our services are not the same 'ole thing. Come check us out to see how we are different.